Crime Reports Drop Sharply In New York City Subways


New York City subway crime has plummeted more than 37 this year, reports the New York Daily News. There were 318 felonies in subway stations and on trains reported through Feb. 19, compared with 510 during the same period last year. The crime slide comes as authorities have installed more surveillance cameras in the city’s 468 subway stations. In August, a $212 million contract was awarded to outfit subways with 1,000 video cameras and other security equipment. More than 200 of those cameras have been installed.

About 4,300 cameras will be recording in the subway system by the end of 2007, officials said. “We believe that surveillance cameras do have a deterrent effect on crime,” said a transit spokesman. A crime spike in the first months of 2005 was attributed to thefts of cell phones and iPods. Robberies are down 21 percent.


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