Parents In Child Murder Cases To Lobby For Federal Law


Erin Runnion, Marc Klaas, and Mark Lunsford, whose children were murdered in highly publicized cases, will spend Monday and Tuesday in Washington, D.C., lobbying for a proposed federal law targeting sexual predators, says the Orange County Register. Runnion said that child molestation is the nation’s most underreported crime. Fewer than 30 percent of accusations result in an arrest, and far fewer result in a convictionm she said. Runnion said that The Children’s Safety Act of 2005 “will ensure a national standard for appropriate punishment and effective containment and tracking of the few predators we’ve managed to catch.” She added: “There is this very real terrorism against children that’s going on every day in this country.”

Asked about politicians who pay little heed to their proposal, Klaas replied, “When they see all three of us on TV telling everybody they aren’t taking our calls, maybe they’ll change their tune.” He said, “People do care, and they don’t want their child being the next Polly or Samantha or Jessica. They want leadership and they want legislation that will effectively deal with sexual predators.”


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