More Cases Solved With DNA, KY May Expand Database


In the past two years, Louisville police have used DNA evidence to solve more than 100 cases, including several that date back more than a decade, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. Most of the cases involved sex crimes because a grant allowed old rape kits to be tested for DNA evidence. Police last year also used DNA evidence to help solve two new robberies and a 1991 murder case. Of 118 cases where DNA was reviewed in 2004-05, 63 were matched to previous offenders. New charges were filed in 19 of those 63 cases. In the others, the offender had either already been charged or the victims would not cooperate or couldn’t be found.

A bill being considered by the state legislature would require that anyone convicted of a felony, including juveniles, provide a DNA sample for the database. The database contains about 10,000 samples, any fewer than some states. Tennessee has about 64,000 samples, Illinois more than 173,000 and Virginia about 236,000.


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