Advocates: Colorado Juvenile Justice System Is Broken


A juvenile-justice advocacy organization has asked the Colorado state legislature to change the way violent child offenders are sentenced in Colorado, says the Rocky Mountain News. Pendulum Juvenile Justice supports a bill that would allow juveniles convicted of murder in the adult system to be eligible for parole after 40 years behind bars. “The system is broken,” said Pendulum’s Paul Rosenthal. “It’s an injustice to child offenders, and it must be fixed.” The group called for a bipartisan commission to review every case of a juvenile tried as an adult and sentenced to adult prison.

Both Denver daily newspapers have featured the issue. The Rocky Mountain News ran a four-day series in September. The Denver Post is writing about the issue this week. The News’ series focused on the 46 inmates sentenced to life without parole for killings they committed as juveniles.


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