Hollywood Figures “Scared To Death” About Pellicano Case


Hollywood figures are wondering who will be ensnared next by a federal grand jury probe into alleged wiretapping by Anthony Pellicano, 61, the “private investigator to the stars,” reports USA Today. Pellicano is accused of illegally wiretapping more than 80 celebrities, attorneys, and reporters. The 110-count indictment alleges that Pellicano’s clients in business and divorce disputes gained unfair advantages from “confidential, embarrassing or incriminating” information he gleaned from snooping. Pellicano allegedly eavesdropped on Sylvester Stallone’s phone calls and obtained law enforcement computer records illegally on Gary Shandling and former Saturday Night Live star Kevin Nealon.

Some prominent people “are scared to death” about the inquiry, says Victor Sherman, a former lawyer for Pellicano. “The lawyers that may have used Anthony’s services are scared, and (their) clients are concerned because their suits might be overturned.” Sandra Carradine, 58, the former wife of actor Keith Carradine, pleaded guilty last month of lying to the FBI when she denied knowing that Pellicano was tapping phones to help her divorce case. Sherman contends the Justice Department filed the new charges at Pellicano “to get him to turn on other people.” He has said his clients are innocent and he won’t cooperate.

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-02-14-pellicano_x.htm

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