Boston Mayor Urges Electronic Monitoring Of Suspects


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is pushing a plan to force suspected gang members to wear GPS-monitored ectronic bracelets while out on bail for gun crimes, says the Boston Herald. Menino is trying to stem a record number of shootings and murders. A prosecutor and one victim of violence questioned how well a satellite's eye in the sky can work to restrain criminals bent on violence. Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley said that without a suspect's consent, prosecutors could not demand the use of GPS tracking unless they held a so-called “dangerousness hearing” to determine if the suspect can be restrained beyond normal bail requirements. “Under current law, the court has very little authority to mandate the use of the GPS tracking system,” Conley said.

Under Menino's plan, repeat offenders will be banned from “exclusion zones” such as rival gang members' turf, drug locations, and any other area where it is likely they will encounter a witness or victim. If the suspect does venture into one of those spots, an alarm will signal probation officers and an alert will be sent to police.


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