AZ Governor, Legislators Agree On Antimeth Attack


Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and state legislators finally appear to agree on something, says the Arizona Republic: an approach to tackling the meth-addiction crisis. Napolitano proposed a plan yesterday to disrupt the flow of the drug from Mexico and vowed to work with lawmakers to beef up law enforcement and prevention programs. Republican lawmakers have a $12 million proposal that includes more money for police, prevention, and education. The governor announced a $5 million plan that includes three teams of “interdiction” squads to target methamphetamine produced in Mexico and brought into Arizona.

“Methamphetamine is to Arizona what crack cocaine was to inner cities a decade ago,” Napolitano said. “It has infiltrated every community.” Authorities believe most of the meth used in Arizona is produced in labs in Mexico and Southern California and run by organized crime and street gangs. The remaining supply comes from makeshift meth labs in Arizona.


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