Boston Focuses On Regulating Ammunition Sales


With Boston’s firearm violence continuing to surge, police and city officials are looking for new anticrime tools, potentially including limiting ammunition sales, recording who buys ammunition, and using a new technology that transfers a gun’s serial number onto a bullet’s shell casing any time the gun is fired, the Boston Globe reports. Mayor Thomas Menino said his recently formed strategic crime council is ”examining everything from ammunition sales regulation and bullet micro-stamping to stricter sentencing for illegal possession and trafficking.”

The number of shootings in which people were wounded or killed rose 28 percent last year over 2004. Police rolled out several programs to try to reverse that spike in gun violence. After two shooting deaths Friday, there were six this year, compared with four at the same time last year. There have been 36 nonfatal shootings this year compared with 17 this time last year. Officials acknowledge that criminals could buy ammunition on the black market and out of state, but they say they have noticed an apparent shortage of ammunition on the streets. They also say that youths, who are both suspects and victims in many shootings, might be deterred if ammunition is more difficult to get.


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