After Attack, Mexican Paper To Stop Covering Drug War


A Mexican newspaper that was the target of an attack this week today will tell its readers – among them drug traffickers – that it will serve the community and not be a tool of two warring cartels, the Dallas Morning News reports. The unusual letter comes two days after masked assailants invaded the offices of El Mañana newspaper across the Rio Grande from Laredo and opened fire, critically injuring a veteran reporter. In part, the editorial says, “To avoid any infiltrations we have decided to suspend any publication of anything that has to do with the war taking place in Nuevo Laredo. We will also limit information of the incidents [related to the drug war] to the police pages.”

A U.S. law enforcement official warned that the violence against journalists in Nuevo Laredo is likely to continue as a way to “settle old scores with some reporters.” “We’re seeing desperation on the part of these drug cartels and new strategies,” said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “As a result we may be seeing an escalation of violence against reporters.” The official suggested that the attack against El Mañana “likely was ordered by the Sinaloa cartel. They have the most to gain here.”


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