Meth Trade May Increase At Va., S.C. Borders with N.C.


The methamphetamine legislation North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper lobbied for was just five days old when he realized his state is operating as an island, says the Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Sun News. The new law, aimed at limiting the purchase of meth ingredients, has one major pitfall – its jurisdiction ends at the state line. Bulk purchases of some cold medications are now illegal in North Carolina, but that’s not the case in Virginia and South Carolina, a difference that authorities fear could make border counties into hubs for meth-related activity.

South Carolina is considering similar legislation. It would not require businesses to have a pharmacy to sell the restricted medicines, although they must keep them behind the counter. The main sticking point in the advancement of the S.C. bill is the inclusion of the logs. Some legislators and store owners oppose keeping the logs or collecting customer information in any way. Officials say the full proliferation of meth has yet to reach the Carolina coastline.


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