Chicago To Pay $9 Million In Wrongful Conviction Case


Chicago wil pay $9 million to settle a lawsuit brought by a man wrongly convicted of rape, the Chicago Tribune reports. Police Superintendent Philip Cline and and City Corporation Counsel Mara Georges will investigate the crime lab analysts and five detectives who handled the case of LaFonso Rollins, who was said to have confessed to raping an elderly woman. Rollins spent 11 years in prison before being exonerated in 2004 by DNA testing.

The settlement was an abrupt turnaround by officials prompted by the discovery of documents damaging to the city’s case. The documents were in the possession of a former crime lab analyst who now works for the Michigan State Police crime lab. The issue of police obtaining false confessions from innocent suspects as well as shoddy crime lab work have dogged Chicago police in other cases and have resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements of lawsuits brought by other wrongly convicted defendants.


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