WI Votes Narrowly To Keep Concealed Weapons Illegal


Wisconsin legislators barely refused yesterday to make concealed weapons legal in the state, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. The 64-34 vote on overturning a veto was a boost to Gov. Jim Doyle, who spoke with many Democrats as he and other party leaders worked to ensure there were enough votes to sustain his veto. If Doyle’s veto had been overridden, Wisconsin would have joined 46 states that already allow residents with proper permits to carry concealed weapons. Supporters of the change prommised to make it a campaign issue in this fall’s elections.

Democratic Reps. Terry Van Akkeren of Sheboygan and John Steinbrink of Pleasant Prairie had voted for the bill but switched and backed Doyle on the override attempt. The final tally was two votes short of overriding the veto. “I am pleased that my veto has been upheld and parents will not have to worry about having loaded and lethal weapons in shopping malls, movie theaters, on playgrounds and even at the State Fair,” Doyle said.

Link: http://www.jsonline.com/news/state/jan06/388837.asp

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