Feds Investigate Videotaped CA Shooting By Deputy


Responding to a dramatic videotaped police shooting, federal officials are investigating a San Bernardino County, Ca., sheriff’s deputy who opened fire on a man in Chino, Ca. who appeared to be following the deputy’s order to get off the ground, reports the Los Angeles Times. A grainy videotape of the shooting was broadcast repeatedly on television. At one point, a voice appears to say “Stay on the ground.” A moment later, the deputy appears to tell Elio Carrion, 21: “Get up, get up.” Carrion, a U.S. Air Force security officer who had served in Iraq, was hit in the chest, shoulder and leg. He is in good condition.

Carrion was a passenger in a car chased by the deputy for speeding. “The dialogue is difficult to understand,” said a sheriff’s spokesperson. “We cannot make judgments on this shooting yet. It is not crystal clear, and if there’s any question left open, we can’t say whether Carrion or the deputy is wrong.” The deputy’s conversation with Carrion in the seconds before the shooting is “critical,” she said. Eunice Ulloa, a 21-year Chino councilwoman and former mayor, called the shooting “frightening” and said she had received numerous calls from concerned residents.

Link: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-highspeed1feb01,0,7570035.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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