CO City Pays $240,000 To Victims Of Unarrested Rapist


Four sex-assault victims will divide $240,000 that the city of Aurora, Co., will pay for bureaucratic blunders that left serial rapist Brent J. Brents out of jail, the Denver Post reports. Victims filed claims against the city and the district attorney’s office for failing to arrest Brents after he admitted he molested a child in November 2004, months before he went on a violent spree. Because of a miscommunication between police and the prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant wasn’t signed until Jan. 26, 2005, allowing Brents to remain free and attack at least 10 more people.

One of the victims was reported by her attorney to requiring “a lifetime of counseling and therapy.” Victims plan to meet with Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates and City Attorney Charlie Richardson to discuss what changes have been and will be made to ensure that assault cases are appropriately handled. The district attorney’s office changed how it communicates with the police department and streamlined getting arrest warrants signed. The settlement does not create a precedent for other cases in which people believe police made mistakes, Richardson said. “We will look at every situation on a case-by-case basis.”


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