San Diego Probers Find 2 Tons Of Pot At Border Tunnel


Investigators discovered a sophisticated cross-border tunnel in San Diego yesterday that extended about a half-mile, says the San Diego Union-Tribune. They found about 2 tons of marijuana on the Mexican end. Last night, authorities were still pulling marijuana out of the tunnel, which is outfitted with electricity and a ventilation system. It ends at a building in an industrial neighborhood near Tijuana’s airport.

The concrete-lined shaft is 6 feet by 12 feet with a metal ladder that leads to the packed-earth tunnel, which is tall enough for a person to stand in. A gurney hanging from a pulley system attached to one of the building’s beams allowed items to be moved into and out of the tunnel. The elaborate tunnel bore the hallmarks of Mexican drug cartels, which have spent millions of dollars in the last 15 years to find a way to move contraband across the border. Authorities did not estimate how long the tunnel might have been in use or provide information about who owned the properties where the tunnel’s entrance and exit were found.


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