Many L.A. Leaders Favor Raising Taxes For More Cops


A survey of Los Angeles neighborhood council members found that most support raising taxes to expand the police force, says the Los Angeles Times. The survey by the city Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and the mayor’s office found that 39 percent support expanding the police force by 1,000 officers with a half-cent increase in sales tax, and an additional 28 percent support paying for it with a combination of taxes and efficiencies. A sales-tax measure would require a two-thirds popular vote for approval, and the 67 percent favorable response in the survey appears to leave little margin for error.

The results do not necessarily reflect how the average voter will respond. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said he reads the survey as a validation of his long-held opinion that residents want to see City Hall cut waste before they will consider paying more for services. The survey was sent to 1,688 elected board members on the city’s more than 80 neighborhood councils, and 466–28 percent – of the leaders responded.


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