Boston Upgrades Crime Scene Evidence Analysis A La “CSI”


A new Boston police crime scene investigation unit has completed training in state-of-the-art evidence collection techniques and will be unveiled by the department this week, the Boston Globe reports. The initiative was announced last April, when officials said they wanted to restore confidence in the unit after faulty evidence collection was blamed for a number of wrongful convictions. Officials said they were responding to raised public expectations about forensic science created by the popular ”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” television shows.

Training was conducted by the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science in Connecticut, affiliated with the University of New Haven. The training included several mock crime scenes set up inside Boston police headquarters, where investigators photographed mock crime victims and collected fingerprints and other evidence. One aim of the initiative was to have not only a better-trained unit, but a more flexible one where investigators are cross-trained in a variety evidence collection techniques ranging from photographing bodies to analyzing ballistics.


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