Louisville Cops Try Electronic Ticket-Writing


About 30 Louisville police officers are experimenting with a system of writing tickets on in-car computers and printers, fililing reports electronically, printing copies for offenders and sending files directly to the district court’s computer system, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. “It is making our life easier on the street,” said one officer. “It’s quicker. There’s less chance for error. It’s more efficient.” More than 500 patrol cars have computers, and eventually all 900 cars should have them.

An $870,000 federal grant will help to buy more computers and replace some older models this year. Some of that money also will be used to put cameras in some cars. The computers allow officers to check license plates and warrants from their patrol cars without asking dispatchers to do it for them. Eventually the department would like to see all officers who have computers in their cars file their arrest slips electronically. Most officers file citations on paper reports that go to the division command staff for review and eventually to the police records department for hand entry into the computer system. Copies of the ticket go to the court system, where they are also entered by hand. Said chief deputy court clerk Russ Salsman: “We don’t have to have someone sit at a computer and key in every citation.”

Link: http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060120/NEWS01/601200389

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