Biggest Murder Cause: Armed Arguers, Philly Chief Says


Of Philadelphia’s 380 homicides last year, more than 200 resulted from arguments, Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson told NBC 10. “It’s not gangs. It’s not drugs. It’s not domestic violence. They are arguments. I think the availability of guns in the city of Philly is really out of hand,” Johnson said. Many guns come from people who buy them legally, report them stolen or lost, but actually give them or sell them illegally.

Johnson noted that more than 32,000 people in the city have permits to carry guns, but there are only 6,400 police officers. “We’re outnumbered nearly 5-to-1 with people who are on the streets with guns,” Johnson said. “It’s amazing that the news media (compares us) to New York or (compares us) to Chicago. Well, for six or seven years Chicago led the entire nation in homicides, so they have one good year and they become the national role model. We had one bad year and all of a sudden we should be looking to them.”


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