37 Years After The Crime, Stolen Corvette Recovered


Alan Poster of New York City bought a blue Corvette in 1968. It was stolen from a parking garage on Jan. 22, 1969. Almost 37 years after the car was stolen, reports the New York Times, Poster got a call last month that it had been recovered shortly before it was to be shipped to a buyer in Sweden. It was flagged during a routine Customs Service check of the vehicle identification numbe. Two New York City detectives went on a long-shot search through thousands of crime reports to connect the car to its first owner.

The car will be returned to Poster today in Carson, Ca. A 1968 Corvette in mint condition would be worth anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 now. Poster’s was the 6,620th car reported stolen in New York City so far that year, and one of more than 78,000 by year’s end. About 215 vehicles were stolen in the city every day – more than four times the current rate. Detectives tracked him through the buyer of his last house in the New York area, who said he lived in California. Poster said a detective called him. “He said, ‘You had a car stolen in ’69? A Corvette? What color was it?'” Poster recalled. “I said, ‘Blue.’ He said, ‘We have your car.’ ”

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/17/nyregion/17corvette.html

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