Pataki Extends Confinement Of 33 Sex Offenders


New York Gov. George Pataki is promoting plans to catalog the DNA of every convicted sex offender, lengthen prison terms for child molesters, and expand the state’s sex offender registry, reports the Associated Press. He will seek an end to the statute of limitations for rape and continue to pursue civil confinement legislation to keep some predators locked up beyond their prison terms–a practice that has provoked a legal challenge.

“When those who stalk and rape a child can be out on the streets in two or three years, when 5,000 sexually violent predators are currently awaiting release from our state prisons, we owe it to families across New York to waste no more time and to enact these measures now,” Pataki said. Pataki has ordered state authorities to use existing mental health law to begin evaluating every sexually violent predator in prison before their release to determine whether they should be civilly confined. As of yesterday, he said 33 people, many of them child molesters, had been confined to mental health facilities. “These are not people who made a sincere effort to overcome their burdens,” Pataki said. “They should not be out on our streets.”


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