MA Pols Trade Charges In Fatal Accident Case


Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly asked a prosecutor not to release an autopsy report stating blood alcohol levels of a friend’s daughters who were killed in an auto crash, the Boton Globe reports. Reilly, who is running for governor, said he wanted to spare the family further publicity. Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte said there is insufficient evidence to bring charges in the case. A police report on the crash that killed two sisters says that one of them who was driving the car appeared intoxicated and was playing a drinking game at a party with 15 or 20 other young people just before the accident.

Yesterday, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey both said that Reilly’s telephone call to the prosecutor appeared to be an attempt to stifle a police investigation. Romney said the attorney general’s action contradicts recent state efforts to crack down on drunk driving. ”I’m horrified by anybody’s effort to politicize this,” Reilly said. He did not name Romney or Healey, but his spokesman said later he was referring to the governor and lieutenant governor’s statements.


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