As Boston Homicides Climb, ‘Miracle’ Era Recalled


When homicide rates soared in the early 1990s, Boston crafted a “miracle” strategy that used intervention by law enforcement, faith-based groups and community organizations, all but eliminating killings committed by juveniles, and drastically lowering the overall rate. The aggressive assault on street violence won national envy and emulation, notes the Los Angeles Times. Experts credit its success to hard work and highly focused determination, not divine intervention, but the method nonetheless became known across the country as the “Boston Miracle.”

After a high of 150 killings in 1990, Boston recorded 31 homicides in 1999, when the joint approach was in full force. This year that figure has more than doubled, capped by five killings in less than a week and the discovery of a body stuffed in a chimney. The 73 slayings so far this year have left many to wonder: What happened to the Boston Miracle?


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