Seen as Foes, Teens Become ‘Lost Boys’ of Polygamy


The Arizona Republic profiles what it calls the “Lost Boys” of polygamy–teenagers who are run off from polygamous families because they are viewed as competition for the young wives-in-waiting. The paper says more than 400 boys have been orphaned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which has strongholds in the twin border cities of Colorado City, Utah, and Hilsdale, Ariz.

Shunned by their families and forbidden to return home, the “Lost Boys,” as they are known, are left to fumble darkly through a world they can’t comprehend. With no money and often only eighth-grade educations, many end up homeless or in jail. But a lucky few have found their way to a Salt Lake City support network of mentors who are sending them to school, finding them jobs and giving them homes.


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