TN Trooper Films Couples Having Sex, Suspended One Day


A Tennessee state trooper who secretly filmed people having sex in public was given a one-day suspension and is still patrolling the state Capitol for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, The Tennessean reports. Sgt. Gregory R. Badacour, 35, reportedly filmed people “for the thrill of the hunt.” He pleaded guilty to one charge of illegally filming and is on probation; a police file says he filmed at least nine other couples and admitted to checking child pornography on a computer.

Badacour’s case is one of scores being reviewed by state officials trying to stay ahead of a storm of bad publicity about the highway patrol, where three top executives have been forced out and Gov. Phil Bredesen has ordered a top-to-bottom scrubbing. Bredesen this month released a report saying 53 troopers, including Badacour, have criminal records. Last year, Badacour was spotted hiding behind garbage cans with a video camera on a Nashville romantic overlook. His car contained a spotting scope, binoculars, and a set of blue lights that he was not supposed to have. He was in his Capitol Police uniform but had a black T-shirt over it.


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