NY Stiffens Sanction For Cop Killers, Avoids Death Penalty


Two bills stiffening criminal penalties, inspired by the murders of two New York City police officers, were signed by New York Gov. George Pataki, the New York Daily News reports. One raises penalties for illegal gun traffickers, and the other mandates life without parole for the killers of police officers. The Daily News said Pataki credited the newspaper’s campaigning for the legislation as “unbelievably important.”

The new laws upgrade the penalties for getting caught with more than three illegal handguns and create the new felonies of aggravated manslaughter of a police officer and aggravated criminally negligent homicide. Death penalty advocates were disappointed the drive to resurrect capital punishment failed. The News said “they painted the brokered package as the best deal that could hatch from an Assembly and Senate whose outlook on such hot-button topics is often at polar extremes.”

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/376911p-320163c.html

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