Reported Murders, Robberies Up In Early 2005: FBI


Reported murders and robberies around the nation increased during the first six months of 2005 compared with the same period last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported today. Still, the overall violent crime totals declined .5 percent because decreases were reported in the other two categoreis: aggravated assault and forcible rape. Reported property crimes dropped 2.8 percent between January and June compared with last year.

Murder was up 2.1 percent during the period and robbery up .6 percent. The data on those crimes considered to be the most reliable among the violent offense categories. Murders were up overall in all population categories above 25,00 except one: 21 cities with populations between 500,000 and 999,999, where the total was down 3.4 percent. Reported robberies increased 5.1 percent in that 500,000-999,999 category but were down in other categories over 100,000 poupulation. For a city-by-city count, go to the FBI Web site.


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