More Than 600 Guns Looted in N.O. Storms


Sounding an alarm about more than 600 firearms looted from Louisiana pawnshops, stores and other gun dealers in the chaotic days after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Crimestoppers Inc. and several New Orleans area law enforcement agencies have teamed up to try to track down the stolen weapons, according to The Times-Picayune.

Though some agencies took steps to remove and secure some firearms from businesses before and after the storm, looters still managed to find weapons to steal. Twenty stores were burglarized in Louisisana. Another 400 firearms were stolen from businesses in Mississippi and Alabama, according to Robert Browning, the ATF’s assistant special agent in charge. Of the 1,000 guns looted from all three states, only 137 have been recovered. Serial numbers from the pillaged firearms have been entered into a national database that can be accessed by law enforcement agencies around the country.


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