DNA Test Frees Man in 1981 Rape, Identifies Another


After freeing an innocent man in a 1981 rape, Cobb County, Ga., investigators say they have found the real criminal, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Cobb County authorities on Wednesday took out an arrest warrant against Floyd Antonio Arnold for the rape committed there 24 years ago. Also this week, a Fulton County grand jury formally charged Arnold with raping another woman in 1993. Arnold, 42, is serving a five-year prison term for a cruelty to children conviction in DeKalb County and was scheduled to be released from prison next month. Before his trial, the wrongfully convicted man implicated Arnold in the rape, but police acknowledged they did not pursue the lead.

Arnold was linked to the Fulton and DeKalb assaults when the GBI matched his DNA profile to those crimes during tests run in 2003. The GBI has said it contacted DeKalb and Fulton investigators two years ago about these results. On Wednesday, Fulton police Chief George Coleman said his office is trying to find out what happened with the DNA match discovered in 2003. He said the lead investigator on the case said he was never contacted by the GBI and the police department has not found any written notification about it.


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