NBC Producer Offers Deal To Get Three Murder Solutions


“Dateline NBC” producer Shane Bishop has asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to waive the death penalty for an imprisoned Arkansas murderer solve three murders in the two states. “He has admitted to me that he has committed a total of seven murders,” Bishop said. Perry said it was not his role to waive the death penalty; Bush had no comment.

Bishop referred questions to a Jenny Tartikoff, an NBC spokeswoman in New York, who said that Bishop wrote the letter on his own, not on behalf of “Dateline NBC.” Ronnng, 48, is serving a life term without parole for an Arkansas murder. Bedford, Tx., Police Chief David Flory, who was chief of detectives in the Fort Worth suburb at the time of the murders, supports a waiver of the death penalty if it will draw a confession from Ronning.

Link: http://www.statesman.com/search/content/metro/stories/12/9MURDER.html

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