MN Chief Needs Better Political Relations To Keep Job


With a year remaining on a three-year contract, Minneapolis Police Chief Bill McManus is far from assured of a second term in the job, says the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “We just went through a job review with the police chief where he got strong marks, but it’s also clear to him and others where he can improve relations. That’s a priority,” Mayor R.T. Rybak said in response to criticisms from council members. McManus moved from the top job in Dayton, Ohio, to Minneapolis. Many City Council members say they barely know McManus. “He’s not around City Hall much so I’m not sure what he’s doing,” member Scott Benson said. “I think he’s got a lot of explaining to do.” Benson criticized the chief in directing 50 officers last summer to a unit to respond to high crime areas and the abolition of Community Crime Prevention units, moves that ran counter to council directives.

Some council members are upset that he didn’t attend meetings “and do all the talking,” McManus said, adding that the city’s government structure is unique. He said it was rare for chiefs in other cities where he has worked to have as much interaction with the City Councils. “The council here, they’re more accustomed to more of a relationship with department heads,” he said, adding that he needs to have more conversations with council members. “I’m not trying to be insubordinate or some rogue maverick.”


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