Teamsters Call For Removal Of Nashville Police Chief


Less than a week after forcing an election that could make it the labor union for Nashville police officers, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters called for the ouster of Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas, blaming him for rising crime and falling morale in the department, The Tennessean reports. “It is clear that Serpas is more concerned about Serpas than the city of Nashville, and it’s time for him to go,” said Jesse Case, the Teamsters’ chief local organizer. On Dec. 1, more than 600 officers voted to decertify their representative group, the Fraternal Order of Police. “I think it was that low morale that drove the decertification vote,” said Brock Parks, executive director of the FOP.

After Serpas was hired, the number of traffic stops soared. Some Metro officers claim they’re forced to write too many traffic tickets to avoid being reprimanded. Other officers have complained about having personal police cruisers taken away, work shifts changed and vacation days taken away for not meeting traffic citation quotas. Serpas denies the existence of quotas and said he merely insists that officers put in a solid day’s work. The FOP has filed suit against the police department claiming that Mission One – a Serpas initiative that requires all officers to patrol in uniform at least once a month – endangers the safety of undercover officers.


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