Show And Tell? Phila. Boy, 2, Has Cocaine At Day Care


A 2-year-old boy dropped off last week for day care in Philadelphia gave his teacher purple packets containing crack cocaine. When the tot’s mother came to pick him up in the afternoon, police were waiting, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. In an unrelated incident, four boys – ages 7 and 8 – were hospitalized as a precaution after one of them brought a plastic bag with suspected cocaine into an elementary school.

Officials expressed concern about the exposure to drugs that young children are facing. At the day care center, officials were glad that the toddler had felt comfortable enough to give the crack packets to the teacher. The toddler did talk about the drugs, but it was unclear how much he understood. “I don’t consider any 2-year-old really having a clear sense of what they had in their possession,” said police Capt. John Darby.


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