With Overtime, Seattle Patrol Deputy Earns $187,787


Over the past five years, Mike Miner has made a six-figure income, earning between $123,213 and $187,787 a year as a patrol deputy with the King County Sheriff’s Office, reports the Seattle Times. Last year, Miner more than doubled his base salary of about $61,000 by working 1,755 hours of overtime, an average of 34 hours a week. Over the past five years, Miner has made about $735,000 – but only about $300,000 of it was his base salary.

As a result of the overtime hours by Miner and a handful of other patrol deputies, Sheriff Sue Rahr is considering placing limits on overtime. She is concerned the long hours, particularly when worked consecutively, could compromise a deputy’s safety as well as productivity. “We have a couple of officers that, quite frankly, make themselves available during their off-duty hours for overtime,” Rahr said. “When we can’t find anyone to fill an overtime shift, it’s a benefit to know there’s someone [the department] can call.” Said another official: “I suspect one of the reasons that they continue to work the overtime is you kind of get used to that kind of lifestyle. If you’re making $129,000 five years in a row, how do you cut back?”

Link: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002654925_overtime30m.html

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