Nashville Public Housing Evicts Tenants For Family’s Crimes


Strict anticrime rules in a Nashville public housing project are forcing a disabled woman out because of an alleged murder by her son, 18, reports The Tennessean. “I don’t know why I have to move,” said Kathelene Scott, 59. “I pay my rent on time. I kept the bills caught up.” The rules are aimed at maintaining a safe environment in the city’s 11,000-resident public housing system. Since 2001, more than 500 residents have been evicted for violating them.

A massive stroke in 1993 left Scott largely paralyzed on her right side and using a wheelchair. Her son, Stephen, 18, has shouldered the bulk of her care. Police said that he recently fired into an upstairs bedroom window of an apartment, killing Denise Brown, 15, who had been sitting on a bed chatting with her girlfriends. Scott has been ordered out, but she says she has nowhere to go. “While the situation involving Kathelene Scott’s son is unfortunate and sad for everyone involved, the rules she agreed to when she signed the lease have to be enforced,” said the housing agency director.


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