Black Critic: White Boston Cops “Alien Occupying Force”


The Boston Police Department announced this week that it had passed over minority candidates and put a white officer on the all-white command staff of the Internal Affairs unit, the Boston Globe reports. Community leaders and minority officers say they are deeply concerned by the department’s lack of diversity in its upper ranks and specialized units. Critics say the lack of diversity is a problem not only for community relations, but also makes it more difficult for the department to investigate cases and fight crime.

Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole asserted that she is doing a good job on diversity. ”I don’t think there’s another administration who’s put as much time and effort into it,” she told the Globe. Rev. Eugene Rivers, cofounder of the Ten Point Coalition, which made Boston famous in the 1990s for crime-fighting partnerships between clergy and police, said, ”It is not good policing to have the racial composition of the police force appearing as though they are an alien occupying force in the black community.”


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