Seattle Deputy With Many Abuse Complaints Still On Job


Three Seattle women have bad memories of encounters with local sheriff’s Deputy Denny Gulla when each was 14, says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. One is brain-damaged from an apparent suicide attempt and the third is in jail. Gulla is still on patrol although a file on his 23-year career is full of abuse complaints: assaulting a prisoner, making a pass at a high school senior, videotaping a gang beating he could have prevented and, pulling over his lover’s husband and threatening to shoot him in the “mother-f—ing face.”

King County Sheriff Sue Rahr admits that the department should have fired Gulla a long time ago. She says every disciplinary step has been diluted or thwarted by the powerful union that represents deputies and sergeants. The union’s attorney calls that claim “silly,” adding, “The sheriff has complete control over who they discipline and how.” Gulla is the third King County sheriff’s officer spotlighted by the Post-Intelligencer whose record reflects a lack of accountability.


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