NYC’s Top Cop Kelly: A Future Candidate For Mayor?


If New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the big winner in this week’s election, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is close behind, says Newsday columnist Leonard Levitt. Levitt reports talk of Kelly running for mayor in 2009. Former Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat, says such talk is not premature. “He’s extremely able. He’d be a formidable candidate,” said Koch (who is supporting another candidate.) “Kelly doesn’t have to be a politician to be a formidable candidate,” Koch says. “He just has to keep doing what he is doing, to keep crime falling and to protect the city as best as he can from terrorism. Nobody can hold him responsible for acts of terror so long as he has done everything he can to prevent it.”

Levitt, who says that today’s column for Newsday is his last for that newspaper, also reports that the New York Police Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have initialed a formal memorandum of understanding. Levitt could not obtain the memo but he lists three theories about it: One holds that it applies to informants, overseas or domestic, and is a way of protecting the CIA, which is prohibited by law from spying domestically. Another is that it involves information shared with the agency that the NYPD gathers as its Arabic-speaking recruits troll Internet sites, searching out jihadists. A third holds that the CIA relationship allows Kelly to bypass the NYPD’s current information-sharing mechanism -the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force.


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