FL Juvenile Unit Couldn’t Care For Mentally Disabled Youth


The Tallahassee. Fl., juvenile detention center was so unprepared to care for a severally mentally disabled 15-year-old inmate that a staffer had to buy diapers for him at a Wal-Mart, reports the Miami Herald. Linda Edwards-Ellis, the lockup’s superintendent, told Department of Juvenile Justice administrators that the youth ”was a burden,” and that caring for him ”would exhaust her staff,” said an inspector general report. The youth, who has an IQ of 32 and cannot communicate, allegedly was raped at least twice last summer by another inmate — a 17-year-old accused sex offender whom staff members allowed to bathe the disabled boy and change his diaper.

The report, an exhaustive look at what happened to the boy during his month-long stay, led to the firings of seven employees, including Edwards-Ellis. Five others were either demoted or disciplined. The investigation was prompted after two detainees at the lockup complained that they saw the inmate having sex with the disabled teen. The disabled teen ended up in the lockup after a judge refused to release him back to the custody of an elderly grandmother and aunt whom he had been accused of mistreating.

Link: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/13127208.htm

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