Indianapolis City-County Police Merger Could Save Money


Indianapolis’ city and county police forces wold be merged under a proposal by a committee studying the issue, says the Indianapolis Star. The City Council, controlled 15-14 by Democrats, is scheduled to vote on the merger proposal Monday. If approved, the merger would begin Jan. 1 and become fully effective in 2007. Besides Republican opposition, the plan to merge the Indianapolis Police Department and Marion County Sheriff’s Department has met opposition from Sheriff Frank Anderson and the police union.

The merger was suggested last year Democratic Mayor Bart Peterson, who said the current plan is ” better than what I proposed. It’s a great example of how the public process is supposed to work.” Marilyn Pfisterer, a Republican committee member, said the city is trying to rush a merger because it hopes to save money through combined operations. “I do not believe this is ready for prime time,” she said. Without consolidation, said one official, there will not be enough money for both departments next year, and there will be a $40 million shortage by 2009.


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