The Story Behind A Forgotten Murder In Seattle


Many homicides do not rate any attention as breaking news stories. Sometimes, columnists tell us the story behind a case not judged worthy of routine news coverage. Seattle Post-Intelligencer writer Robert L. Jamieson Jr. has one such story. It took place amid the hustle and bustle of Belltown, the trendy epicenter of Seattle nightlife. “The victim? Just some homeless guy,” says Jamieson.

His name was Trederick Collins, 36, who came to Seattle two short months ago. He befriended a formerly homeless man. On the street, they met another man who scuffled with Collins and stabbed him. A local drug store where the assailant had had money wired helped police identify him. A man matching his description tried to cross the California-Mexico border, when he was nabbed. He is awaiting extradition to Seattle.


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