Death Row Convict Walks Out Of Houston Jail


A death row convict used a fake badge and a change of clothes to walk out of a Houston jail, reports the Houston Chronicle. Charles V. Thompson, 35, convicted in the shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend in 1998, escaped yesterday afternoon. “He managed to get some civilian clothing. He had changed out of the orange jumpsuit that inmates ordinarily wear,” said a sheriff’s lieutenant. “We don’t know exactly where he got that from.”

Prisoners are not allowed to have any physical contact with visitors. Investigators were questioning any jail employees Thompson might have come into contact with before his escape. The jail holds 3,300 prisoners. This was the first escape since the facility was built about three years ago. Mike Donaghy, the brother of one of Thompson’s victims, said, “This is something that’s just unfathomable to me. How can a convicted murderer get away like that? How did he get in civilian clothes? How did he get a badge?”


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