Miami May Restrict Public Stun-Gun Purchases


A marketing push by Taser International aimed at boosting its share of ”home self defense,” has caused consternation among some Miami-Dade commissioners who fear the stun-gun devices will end up in criminal hands or be used against police officers, the Miami Herald reports. Five of the 13 commissioners have signed on as backers of a proposed rule to regulate the sale of stun guns with restrictions similar to gun purchases — requiring a five-day waiting period and background checks on buyers. Retailers would be banned from selling stun guns to minors or felons. ”I hope it will have a chilling effect,” said Commissioner Sally Heyman, a co-sponsor of the proposed ordinance.

Taser International stepped up marketing of its devices this summer, although Tasers and other electronic stun guns have been available at gun shops and online stores for years. Company president Tom Smith said Taser International has lobbied for legislation to limit access to the weapons — but at the state level, rather than by local governments.


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