Cop Offers Advice On Reducing Opportunities For Burglars


Steve Rose, an Atlanta police officer writing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, offers some practical anticrime tips. “Opportunity is the most important facet in crime and, as a result, an important role in the prevention of crime,” says Rose. His main target is burglars, who he says “have a pre-crime perception of how the crime will go. The victim and/or situation needs to satisfy the criteria.”

Homeowners must convince would-be thieves that they need to go somewhere else on that particular day. Look at your weak points, Rose advises. “Do you have overgrown shrubs? Cut them back in the front so that if possible, you can easily see the porch from the street. Look at your lights and how they can be best used, inside and out.” Rose recommends alarm signs (alarms are optional), and signs that warn the reader to beware of dogs. Alarm systems may be good, but false alarms will be very noticeable. Most police departments receive so many residential false alarms that they require normal driving conditions for the responding officer, says Rose. Don't consider an alarm system the final security plan for the home.


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