Charlotte Mother Sings Praises Of Police Work


Tula Balatsias’ jobs as a paralegal and a kickboxing instructor weren’t satisfying enough, so the 36-year-old single mother became a police officer in Charlotte, N.C., says the Charlotte Observer. Four days into her new job, she had responded to an armed robbery and helped make an arrest in a vice case.

Tomorrow, the Charlotte native will speak at a police department job fair aimed at attracting more women to join the department. “Just go for it. Do it,” she said. She had physical training and classwork on the laws. She was gassed, pepper-sprayed and shocked with a Taser — all to make her a better cop. She said it’s a career with more paths than she realized at first. She said she’ll be able to help others. She’ll be able to work outside a stuffy office. She gets to impress her 10-year- old son. “That’s another reason why I joined,” she said. “He thinks it’s really cool.”


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