NY Computer Crime Squad–Wall Street, Little Old Ladies


At New York City's Computer Crime Squad, in cramped, dingy offices near the East River, a couple dozen detectives and analysts hunch over computers, plowing their way through hundreds of criminal cases, says Government Computer News. “We investigate anything from computer intrusions to terrorist leads to the computer of a person in a murder investigation,” said Det. Tony Reyes.

If there's a network intrusion at a Wall Street financial company, the squad will respond. And “if a little old lady calls because some spam put porn on her computer, we investigate,” Reyes said. “We don't have the luxury of choosing which cases to take–we take everything.” Lt. John Otero commands the squad of 25 officers, down from 32 thanks to retirements and the lure of big bucks in the private sector. The squad is divided into three sections–online forensics, investigations and so-called “post-mortem” forensics. In addition to its own workload–dozens of preliminary investigations and full-blown cases–the squad hase “40 or 50 cases helping homicide, for rapes, robberies, missing persons, etc.,” Otero said.

Link: http://www.gcn.com/24_31/news/37381-1.html

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