Bratton Writing Books On Terrorism, Management


Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton is working on two books, one on management techniques, the other on counterterrorism, says the Los Angeles Times. Bratton did not provide specifics about the books, including their titles or when they would go to press. In 1998, he wrote about his experience reducing crime as head of the New York and Boston police departments in “The Turnaround: How America’s Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic.” That book, co-written with Peter Knobler, received critical praise and became a bestseller.

It’s not hard to speculate about the story line, sasy the Times. Bratton has won much praise for reducing crime in Los Angeles since he took over the department three years ago. Both violent and property crimes have seen double-digit drops, though gang violence remains a major problem. Bratton points out that the police department has achieved success without increased funding. There are fewer officers today than when he started, and the chief has battled with City Hall over hiring additional police officers.


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