N.Y., L.A. Cops To Get Permanent Homeland Security Posts


Terror scares in New York and Baltimore raise questions about whether post-9/11 efforts to share more intel among federal, state, and local agencies are working, says Newsweek. After a Baltimore-harbor tunnel was closed last week over a tip about a possible attack on an unspecified tunnel, federal officials downplayed the threat’s credibility, implying that local authorities overreacted. Chief Gary McLhinney of the Maryland Transportation police told Newsweek that after sitting on the threat info for several days, he shut down a tunnel after learning that feds were going to arrest suspects in Holland.

Some officials suggest that local agencies get “greater access to the overall flow of threat info to the feds, so they can become more skilled at sorting out real threats,” says Newsweek. Representatives of both New York and Los Angeles police departments are likely to be stationed permanently in the Homeland Security Department’s D.C. command post.

Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9786006/site/newsweek/

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