New Orleans Prosecutor Needs $842,000 To Survive


New Orleans’s District Attorney said if he can’t get $842,000 by January, he will have to close his office with more than 3,000 criminal cases pending, reports The Advocate in Baton Rouge. Prosecutor Eddie Jordan told a radio call-in program in New Orleans that he had set up three folding tables at a hotel on Bourbon Street across the hall from a makeshift police station. “We’ve made some progress. We have three telephones now.” His priority is dealing with looters. “The looting we have to address. It’s outrageous that we have citizens taking advantage of other citizens in this time of desperate circumstances,” he said. “I can’t understand it.”

Jordan said much of the evidence at the district attorney’s office was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters, but he believes that with the help of the National Archives, he can salvage a “substantial portion.” After laying off 57 staff members, Jordan said he has 11 staff members and 79 prosecutors remaining.


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