Paper Names Teen Charged In Death Of Commentator’s Wife


A teenager’s fanciful scheme to finance a marijuana operation with stolen credit card numbers ended in the violent death of the wife of lawyer/television commentator Daniel Horowitz, says the San Francisco Chronicle. Investigators believe Scott Dyleski, a scrawny 16-year-old boy, beat the woman to death Saturday with a piece of crown molding. Then he carved some sort of T-shaped symbol into her back.

The victim, Pamela Vitale, a 52-year-old former software executive, fought and kicked her attacker so hard that she left a permanent impression of her foot on the molding he used to club her 39 times, sources told the Chronicle. The youth was held at Contra Costa Juvenile Hall. The Chronicle ordinarily does not name minors charged with crimes. The newspaper named Dyleski because of the seriousness of the alleged offense and because a source close to the case said the suspect is expected to be charged as an adult.


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